Fully Integrated Flexible Packaging Manufacturer Opens in Ohio

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Posted by Ohio Pack on Nov 23, 2019 9:36:04 AM

Celebrating the Start: How Ohio Pack Came to Be …

Ohio Pack, a fully integrated manufacturer of flexible packaging for the food industry, celebrated the opening of a 132,000-square foot manufacturing facility on Tuesday, October 15, 2019.

The new facility is located in the former Thirty-One Gifts building at 231 Ohio Pack Flexible Packaging_IMG_1111Commerce Street, Johnstown, OH.

The inspiration to create Ohio Pack—a joint venture between CDF Corporation in Boston, MA and Hosokawa Yoko in Tokyo, Japan—came from their ongoing partnership and the vision to build a fully integrated facility where they can:

  • Create a more collaborative integrated packaging solution experience  for customers
  • Manufacture product in North America with reduced lead times
  • Help customers efficiently grow their existing product lines
  • Provide exceptionally responsive customer support

The company currently has 28 employees and as it continues to grow in the next couple of years, expects to employ 70 to 75 people when fully operational. One of the draws to the area, along with being a convenient locale for customers, is the skilled labor force.

Ohio Pack experienced a dramatic turn of events two years ago, which contributed to its good fortune in the new location. The company was looking at land in Heath, OH, in hopes of building a facility there. The initial preference was in the Johnstown location, but it was under contract at the time. The same day that the land was purchased in Heath, the (building) contract that another company was pursuing in Johnstown fell through.

The twist of fate came when the building became available because the company under contract, Ohio Grown Therapies, did not receive its medical marijuana cultivator license. The story ended well for Ohio Grown Therapies, though, when it later received its medical marijuana cultivation and processor licenses. The company expanded and now fully occupies the building it previously shared with Apeks Supercritical.

The Heath, OH land has become a construction site for Nature’s One, the world’s first organic infant nutrition manufacturing facility. They are expected to begin production early next year.

Ohio Pack added a 32,000-square foot, 60-foot tall addition to the back of the structure. This custom -designed facility—from production lines to HEPA air systems and state-of-art technology from around the globe building has everything needed for large equipment, productive employees, continued growth … and satisfied customers.

About Ohio Pack

Ohio Pack, LLC is a fully integrated manufacturer of high-quality flexible packaging. Created to fill a void in the market, it draws on the expertise of its founding companies—CDF Corporation in Boston, MA and Hosokawa Yoko in Tokyo, Japan—to produce a concept-to-market packaging solution. Its comprehensive capabilities span from artwork and cylinder creation, blown film production, rotogravure printing, lamination, slitting and rewinding, and pouch making. With complete control over the process, which allows ultimate accountability for the highest quality, and with a focus on each customer’s needs, Ohio Pack (OP) provides maximum value in the packaging market space.

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